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What We Do

Computer Support

ACME Tech offers remote or onsite support for various issues. Is your equipment running slow? We can help by reviewing it and offering suggestions for optimization or replacement. Or maybe something isn’t working quite right. We can assist with troubleshooting and identify the cause and provide details for fixing it or possibly replacing.

Network Solutions

ACME Tech can analyze your current network infrastructure and make recommendations for upgrades or enhancements to your existing solution.  Routers, Swithes, DHCP or other questions related to bandwidth, providers or connectivity, we got you covered.  Give us a call or drop a line and we will get back to you to see how we can help.

Cloud Services Deployment

ACME Tech can provide a needs analysis of your business and determine which Cloud Services will support your business functionality. ACME will work with your business team and discuss the benefits of migrating to either Google’s GSuite or Microsoft Office 365. Once a product has been identified, ACME Tech provides the installation and training along with ongoing support as needed.

Hardware & Software Guidance

Do you need to replace some equipment and are unsure what to buy? ACME Tech can provide you with options for the best equipment to suit your needs. Laptops, desktops, phones, network devices, and more are part of the evaluation to get your organization in tip-top shape – without breaking your IT budget.

CMS Based Web Development

Content Managed website are an excellent way for businesses to maintain an effective web presence without retaining expensive development costs. We use leading CMS to develop an initial site for our clients, and then transition the control and content maintenance to our clients. By using existing, ‘off the shelf’ technology, we not only reduce the initial development expense, but also the ongoing expense of site maintenance.

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